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HELSINQI brings together Portland progressive with worldly European flair. We’re obsessed with global currents in art, design, language, and culture. We also believe in social and environmental responsibility with a light, unsanctimonious touch.

Creative Director is a natural creative leader with 2+ decades' experience in creative communications across diverse media. Not only a writer, he also has extensive experience in video, graphic design, music, and performance (he even produced, hosted, and was head writer on his own live show in Portland for several years).

He is an avid connector of ideas, a creative adventurer who integrates big-vision lateral thinking with critical analysis. He holds a degree in computer science from the University of Washington, 2003.

A polyglot and skilled communicator, is also a born communicator and connector of people. Brought up bilingual in Lausanne and Seattle, he counts seven languages in his repertoire (some rustier than others). He is passionate about travel and culture, art and design, intercultural dynamics and communication in all its forms.

Co-Principal is a tenacious producer and planner, project manager, and an account executive with a gift for listening. She is also a visual artist, creative photographer, performer, and editor. She brings an astute pragmatism, an unerring critical eye, and a talent for getting things done right and on time.

Trained in ballet and degreed in Spanish literature (Reed '93), she traded in her toe shoes for an SLR but kept her equilibrium and poise. She combines keen sensitivity with dedication and perseverance.

Having lived in Barcelona, is multilingual and passionate about travel, cultures, art, art history and design. Off-hours you'll find her in the yoga studio and, especially, the garden.



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