Parallaxis List

fEARnoMUSIC 21st-century classical ensemble
and video curators and (HELSINQI) present:

Parallaxis: Music and Moving Pictures

April 17, 2009 — Portland, Oregon

A live concert of 20th/21st-century classical music performed with original video/film by contemporary artists — silent-movie style.

Greek for "a change," parallaxis gives rise to parallax, denoting the apparent change in an object viewed from different positions. Here, the positions are metaphorical: music and motion pictures as complementary angles. This concert pairs works by contemporary composers and film/video artists. Putting these media on equal footing — like two halves of a holographic plate — frees them from habits of accompaniment or illustration. Each changes the other, generating syntheses more unexpected than the sum of their parts.


music: Inés Voglar, fEARnoMUSIC Artistic Director
video/film: and (HELSINQI)


fEARnoMUSIC 21st-century classical ensemble

Video/Film Artists:

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