Authenticity-Driven Creative Communications


We harness creativity in all its forms to connect you with your audience, so that your brand becomes their brand. As your dedicated creative partner, our relationship is uniquely tailored to your specific goals, needs and resources.


  • Discovery & Analysis
  • Creative Concept & Execution
  • Messaging and Copywriting
  • Branding & Identity
  • Digital/Print Design & Media
    • book & catalog design
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    • newsletters
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    • business cards
  • Websites
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    • social media
  • Video, Photography & Multimedia
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Events & Experiential

CREATIVE is the juice that inspires human beings to love a brand and claim it as their own. It's the face, the attitude: the window to the soul of a brand. Trends come and go, tech pops and fades, but creative is the perpetual energy source that drives it all.

PURPOSE channels all that creative voltage into the focus of success. It's your compass, your raison d'être. Purpose frames strategy, aligns tactics, and transforms energy into results.

INTEGRITY is the linchpin. In an era of transparency and participation, "spray-tan" branding doesn't hold up. We draw out the real story, expressing brand authenticity to full effect. That translates into trust, relevance and a marketing investment with lasting returns.


Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

The NACF fosters the revitalization, appreciation, and perpetuation of Native arts throughout the USA.More

Carlton Cellars

Willamette Valley winery Carlton Cellars wins awards for their premium Pinots, and HELSINQI is their agency of record.More

Fondazione Carlo Grandori

This Italian foundation advances research and accessibility of nontoxic and personalized cancer therapies.More

Joël Belgique

Mid-Century Modern is Joël Belgique's 20th-century viola sonata project, for which we did the retromodern design.More


FearNoMusic 21st-century ensemble performs extraordinary music and we've given them an identity to match.More

YWCA of Greater Portland

The YWCA of Greater Portland refocused their mission in the community, and partnered with HELSINQI to refocus the message.More

Ingrid Lahti

We created a showcase website for fine artist Ingrid Lahti, including videos we’ve made, drawing on our own fine arts roots.More

Harriet Sanderson

We’ve collaborated with fine artist Harriet Sanderson on video and photographic work, and we designed and maintain her website.More


HELSINQI designed a strategic, user-maintained website to reinforce HiiH's distinctive brand of handmade paper lamps.More

Alberta Coop

The Alberta Cooperative Grocery in Northeast Portland needed a brand new website as fresh, local and organic as the foods they stock.More

Naylor Building

Naylor Building specializes in quality exterior construction, and HELSINQI design a full identity program and user-maintained website.More


hill2 does groundbreaking organizational consultation, and HELSINQI oversees their identity, didactic materials and website.More


With FearNoMusic, we co-curated Parallaxis, a program of avant-garde classical music performed live to original video works.More

The Theory of Love

We produced a 60-minute, 2-track video for The Theory of Love, a collaborative “traveling, multimedia, lecture-opera.”More

The Cordial

We hosted a series of “secret-restaurant” dinners with international themes, recherché menus and wines, and multimedia.More

Fields & Lane

After making top-grade leather gloves for industry for many years, Laughlin-Cartrell decided to strategically extend into lifestyle retail.More


Activist-artist-community leader Carole Zoom built Zoomtopia, and came to HELSINQI for a PR kickoff campaign.More

Wine & Spirit Archive

The WSA provides innovative wine education and retail, and HELSINQI designed an identity program and user-maintained website.More

HPV 2014

We did the brand ID for the Human Papilloma Virus scientific conference taking place in Seattle in 2014.More

Alliance Française de Portland

The Alliance Française of Portland came to HELSINQI for a special logo design for their 25th anniversaire.More


The Seattle Parks Department needed a name and logo for a new public arts event series, and arts-savvy HELSINQI obliged.More

Northwest Research

Northwest Research provides prospect research to nonprofits and came to us for an identity program and user-maintained website.More

Portland Public Schools

HELSINQI designed a cheery series of school-specific buttons and collateral for a Portland Public Schools outreach campaign.More



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