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FearNoMusic logotype


FearNoMusic 21st-century classical ensemble performs extraordinary music for a seriously discerning audience. We've given them a playfully sophisticated identity to match and, as season sponsors from 2007–2011 we designed their print materials including print programs and season promo cards, and we designed their website. In 2009 we co-produced a live music and video event called Parallaxis.

Print Programs

It all began in fall of 2007 when we came on board producing sharp newly designed print programs for their concerts, developing a new look for them in the process.

2010-11 Season

Including the season promo card

Program Program 2010 Promo 2010 Promo

2009-10 Season

Program Program Program Program

2008-09 Season

Program Program Program

2007-08 Season

Program Program Program


In 2009 we designed them an amiably modernist new logo.

FearNoMusic logotype


In fall of 2009 we designed and developed FearNoMusic's new website, although we don't maintain it. Get the latest on FNM at www.fearnomusic.org.

FearNoMusic website

Parallaxis: Music and Moving Pictures


In April 2009 we curated the video for a special concert of original videos by artists all over the world accompanying live performances by FearNoMusic, silent film style. We also created our own video for the concert, for "A Bao A Qu" from Robert Parris's Book of Imaginary Beings, after the book by Jorge Luis Borges.

> See the official Parallaxis page.



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